Driven by the desire to liberate the brand development process. 

Fortnight collective is a brand marketing accelerator.


Our approach

A two-week Brand Intervention.

Too often the process is bogged down…by overthink, immovable objects, nervous nellies, politics, geographic fiefdoms, bad catering and/or too much time and resources to be productive. 

A new way of working which recognizes that these obstacles shouldn’t exist anymore. The goal is to put the right talent around the table at the right time to accelerate brand momentum via rapid marketing prototyping. Gone are the days of lengthy processes, group think and all the things that get in the way of forward progress.


What's a Fortnight?

[fawrt-nahyt, -nit]  


A fortnight is the space of fourteen nights and days; two weeks.

For us, it's a two week cycle from start to finish where we toil and invent and connect and break convention and get shit done for you and your brand.


Benefits to all size companies

You will be working with world-class talent who’ve developed award winning work with some of the best brands and agencies around the world.

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Who needs ‘Fail Fast’ when you can ‘Succeed Fast’? Our brand marketing acceleration process ensures you are best positioned for the future.

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Mid-Size Companies

Looking to raise your marketing game? A great opportunity to stretch your dollars further and work with the agency on a project basis.

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Large Enterprise

Think of it as a 'belt and suspender' approach. If your brand is stuck or your agency is playing it safe, let us help you with a Brand Intervention. 

Fast, Good or cheap? Yep, all of the above.

The old saying goes, "Fast, good or cheap. Pick two.” We’ve all felt the pressure of managing the opposing forces of quality, speed and cost against each other.

Brands need to proactively engage at the speed of the market. We deliver world class thinking over our two week engagement.